• AG-MDR15-System

    Full HD OR recording system


Full HD Operating Room Camera & Recording System

  • Full HD image capture (1920 x 1080)
  • 3MOS 1/4-inch camera for exceptional color accuracy
  • Remotely controllable camera with 12x Optical Zoom
  • Digital recording in AVCHD format
  • Use of affordable SDHC memory cards

The new 3MOS 1/4 inch imagers utilizes 2.2 million pixels suitable for independent color processing (RGB) to provide exceptional detail and color accuracy

Up to 12 hours can be recorded on a single SDHC 32GB card. An easy direct random access playback can be done on compatible Blu-ray players, displays and PCs. Content files can be transferred easily to hard disk drives or optical discs.

The compact sized remote camera head with an integrated 12x Optical Zoom is controlled from the portable recorder (Zoom & Focus). A foot switch can be used for start / stop operation.

The AG-MDR15E complies with Medical Electrical Equipment Standards such as EN60601-1

This POVCAM System is an perfect solution for recording of a wide range of surgical procedures. It is also suitable for distance learning and medical training use.