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Teemme jatkuvaa yhteistyötä arvostettujen instituuttien ja alan asiantuntijoiden kanssa, jotta saamme paremman näkemyksen tietotekniikasta tämän päivän kaupallisessa maailmassa. Suoran asiakaskontaktin ja perusteellisten markkina-analyysien mukaan tutkimuksemme on ihanteellinen tiedonlähde tietotekniikan hankintapäätöksiä tehtäessä.
Kaikki raporttimme ja tutkimuksemme löytyvät alta.

  • Why tablets can successfully transform your business

    As enterprises transform their business models, products, and processes through the implementation of mobility and digital transformation strategies, they must also ensure that computing devices are the right tools to deliver business success. Between traditional form factors and mobile devices, tablets emerge as the ideal platform to offer productivity features as well as mobility and digital capabilities.

  • Sustainable Mobile Device Strategies Deliver Significant Savings for Business, 2017

    Businesses still waiting to implement a sustainable mobile device strategy are missing out on significant savings – on average 30% of their annual mobile device budget. These savings are primarily driven by the ability to extend the life of notebooks, hybrids, tablets and handhelds by an average of two years.

  • Rethinking Retail: The Tablet Revolution

    Tablet adoption in retail and hospitality is driven by a number of compelling use cases. These are
    focused on delivering increased levels of customer service and improved productivity and
    efficiencies, but they also support integration in omni-channel strategies and the supply chain.

  • VDC Whitepaper: Realising the Gift of Time. 2014

    Considering deploying tablets to your mobile workforce? Then don’t miss the latest essential findings from analyst group VDC Research, exclusively available from Panasonic Toughbook.

  • TBR Tablet Whitepaper 2014

    The top three purchase drivers: See why rugged tablets like Panasonic Toughpad are leading the way in the IT industry

  • Secret Saboteur Whitepaper 2013

    So are you among the ranks of ‘secret saboteurs’? Find out just how deeply passions run – and why ‘bring your device' may not be the best option for businesses and organisations looking to deploy mobile IT throughout their workforces - in our free industry whitepaper 

  • Tablet Troubles Whitepaper 2013

    Recent research has shown that British businesses are paying a high price for the introduction of consumer tablet PCs into the workplace, with 47% of users experiencing tablet failures in the past two years. So what’s causing such difficulties? And what’s the solution to this costly problem?

  • Hybridien Invaasio 2015

    Tablet-laitteisiin kohdistuneista odotuksista huolimatta kannettava tietokone on tuoreen tutkimuksen mukaan yhä Euroopan liikkuvan työvoiman laitevalinta. Tabletit ovat silti vallanneet merkittävän markkinaosuuden, ja joissakin työtehtävissä niiden hyödyt ovat huomattavia.

  • Tablet Troubles 2013