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Partners in a connected future

On October 1, 2021, with the Panasonic Group’s transition to a holding company system, Panasonic Connect Europe GmbH, which leads the B2B solutions business, is newly established.

In order to respond to the ever-changing market environment, we are transforming our organisation to enable rapid decision-making and further enhance our competitiveness, to better help innovate processes in our customers' operating sites.

The company name change reflects the goal to "connect" our customers’ operations to a better future.

By connecting our specialised hardware with the latest technologies such as process management software, IoT, and AI, and using the knowledge and expertise cultivated in our long history of manufacturing to provide advanced services, we will create value for our customers and provide solutions to their challenges.

Through this, we will work together to ensure a better society and a more sustainable future.

Panasonic Connect Europe consist of the following business units:

  • The Mobile Solutions Business Division helping mobile workers improve productivity with its range of Toughbook rugged notebooks, business tablets and handhelds.

  • The Media Entertainment Business Division incorporating Visual System Solutions offering a range of high brightness and reliable projectors as well as high quality displays; and Broadcast & ProAV offering Smart Live Production solutions from an end-to-end portfolio consisting of PTZ and system cameras, camcorders, the Kairos IT/IP platform, switchers and robotic solutions that are widely used for live event capture, sports production, television, and xR studios.

  • Business and Industry Solutions delivering tailored technology solutions focused on Retail, Logistics and Manufacturing. Designed to increase operational efficiency and enhance customer experience, helping businesses to perform at their best, every day.

  • Panasonic Factory Solutions Europe selling a wide range of smart factory solutions including electronics manufacturing solutions, robot and welding systems and software solutions engineering.

Our world is built on connections

Panasonic Connect Europe is dedicated to serving the business world and our goal is to "connect" our customers’ operations to a better future which is reflected in the company name change.

And by connecting our specialised hardware with the latest technologies and using the knowledge and expertise cultivated in our deep history of manufacturing to provide advanced services, we will create value for our customers and provide solutions to their challenges whilst building together a more sustainable future.


Hiroyuki Nishiuma

Fresh Approaches for New Business Challenges

In an age of increasing business complexity and sustainability challenges, Hiroyuki Nishiuma, CEO of the new organisation Panasonic Connect Europe, believes using industry know-how and new technologies to optimise operational processes will be the key to continued competitive success for European organisations.


Introducing Gemba Process Innovation

Companies are facing massive disruption in their production sites and supply chains triggered by a whole range of emerging trends and technologies. Social trends such as worker shortages and lifestyle changes; and technological advances such as artificial intelligence, intelligent edge devices, and the explosion of e-commerce.

Faced with this rapidly shifting landscape, companies need to optimise the flow of information from things and people at their operational fronts. Gemba is the physical site where these things happen. This Japanese word literally translates to "the actual place".

For instance, in supply chain management, the gemba is where things are made, moved, or sold; the site where value is generated and problems must be confronted. The factory floor, the warehouse, or point s-of -sale; these are referred to as the gemba.

Worker with helmet
Person shopping with a shopping cart

Each has their own unique processes and goals, but also their own peculiar challenges. However, the question on the minds of managers of all these "operational fronts" is the same:

How to innovate and optimise in the face of rapidly changing conditions and customer needs?

These developments are not just affecting manufacturers and retailers, but also the logistics industry, which all face pressure to revolutionise their processes. All these industries know technology can give them greater clarity, simplicity and efficiency. But the pathway to this evolution is not always clear or well-trodden.

Through its Gemba Process Innovation offering, Panasonic’s goal is to provide that know-how and become a trusted total integrator for clients.

Gemba Process Innovation can drive the next wave of business innovation in Europe

Thought Leadership article by Panasonic Connect Europe CEO Hiroyuki Nishiuma.

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Panasonic Projectors give you the freedom to engage audiences. Projecting sharper, brighter, further and for longer.

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Panasonic display screens give you the freedom to stand out and interact with audiences by using the most reliable and durable technology.

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Our products are built to support the latest innovations in media content creation - all without compromising the quality of your work.

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Panasonic is a global market leader in rugged computing, allowing you to work in the most challenging environments.

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Delivering scalable, integrated technology solutions that allow organisations to achieve industry leading levels of performance, service and productivity.

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Panasonic provides turnkey solutions for your manufacturing challenges from our portfolio of best-in-class hardware and software products.

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