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Expanding businesses with space-saving scanning

Panasonic has launched a new series of compact scanners (KV-S1037) offering versatility suitable for virtually any business application.

Targeted for use in offices, banks, medical centers and hospitality, these scanners give businesses the freedom to operate a fully digital scanning workflow.

Both models in the series (KV-S1037 and KV-S1037X) are able to achieve scanning speeds of up to 30ppm/60ipm at 300dpi in colour. Uniquely in this class of scanner, the KV-S1037 series offers passport scanning whilst handling documents weighing anything between 20-413gsm.

Their compact design allows the scanners to fit comfortably into the smallest of spaces on reception or office desks and in customer service areas, saving space without compromising on performance.

The KV-S1037 series also delivers performance to match anything in its class with high-speed output and an auto-document feeder (ADF) capacity of 50 sheets.

While both models in the series feature USB3.0, the KV-S1037X also offers a built-in Gigabit Ethernet and WiFi, allowing a direct connection to other devices without the need for cables.

Panasonic’s Marketing Manager for Communication Solutions, Shinta Muya said, “The ease of operation for these scanners is enhanced thanks to the single-touch scanning. By simply pressing one of the three pre-set buttons, you can scan and send the data to your defined destinations. For convenient, manual paper scanning, the operator can simply insert their document into the ADF to start the scan, so there is no need for contact to be made to operate the device.”

Distribution for Panasonic’s new KV-S1037 Scanner is planned for October 2017 and the KV-S1037X Beginning 2018.

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