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Key Features

Built-in video camera offers video conferencing capabilities

4.3” colour TFT LCD touch panel can be used with videophone function

Ability to link with an IP camera to enable off-site monitoring and management from your office

Ideal for use in both office and home environments

Up to 16 lines

Flexible visual communication 

  • 2 x Gigabit Ethernet & PoE
  • Flexible function keys with optional expansion of up to 40 keys
  • HD SONIC sound for maximum voice quality
  • Support for UC features including BroadSoft integration
  • Built-in Bluetooth® for wireless capability 

The brand-new versatile KX-HDV430 marks the high-end addition to Panasonic’s now complete range of deskphones, thanks to its built-in video camera, offering multiway video communication and remote visual monitoring.

The innovative KX-HDV series of SIP deskphones offers you flexible, world-leading communication, faultless reliability and long-term cost savings in one complete package.


Colour TFT touch panel

The KX-HDV340’s 4.3” colour LCD touch panel with backlight makes video images crisp and clear and encourages simple and intuitive operation.

Video communication

The built-in video camera allows face-to-face conversation via the phone’s colour LCD screen, while a 3-party videoconferencing feature enables remote and increasingly flexible business meetings.

IP camera linking feature

By linking with an IP camera you can visually monitor and manage on-site environments such as your factory or sales floor without leaving your desk. 

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HD sonic


LCD Size (Pixels, Lines) 480 x 727 4.3-inch color TFT with touch panel
LCD Contrast Setting -
LCD Backlight Active: 8 levels, Inactive: Low/Off
LED 1x Message waiting/Ringer/Missed call (Blue)
Camera Yes
Soft Keys No
Programmable Keys (FF Keys) 24 (Touch Panel on LCD)
Line Keys No
Page Key No
Flash/Recall Key No
Forward/DND Key No
Navigation Key No
Menu Yes
Home Yes
Cancel Key Yes
Hold Key Yes
Conference Key Yes
Transfer Key Yes
SP-Phone Key Yes
Message Key Yes
Redial Key Yes
Mute Key Yes
Auto Answer Key Yes
Headset Key Yes
0-9, *, # Keys Yes
Volume Key Yes
Sheet Key (Menu, Home, Back, Phone, Mute, Speakerphone, Volume, Navigation, Enter) No
Desktop Video Communication Yes (H.264)
Phonebook (Internal) Up to 2,500 numbers
LDAP Remote Phonebook Yes
XML Remote Phonebook Yes
Call Log (Outgoing Call) Up to 30
Call Log (Incoming Call (Including Missed Call)) Up to 30
Blacklists Yes (Up to 30)
Embedded WEB Server Yes
Speakerphone Yes (HD)
Volume Control Yes
Mute Yes
Headset Port Yes (RJ9 jack)
Electric Hook Switch Yes (3.5 mm jack)
Ringtone Selection Yes
Volume Level (Handset/Headset/SP Phone) 8 levels
Distinctive Ringing Yes
Multiple Line 16
Redial Yes
Do Not Disturb Yes
Anonymous Call (CLIR) Yes
Anonymous Call Rejection Yes
Caller ID (CLIP, CNIP) Yes
Caller ID Blocking Yes
DTMF In band/Out band (RFC2833)/SIP INFO
3-Way Conference Yes
Call Forward on Busy Yes
Call Forward on No Answer Yes
Call Forward on Unconditional Yes
Call Forward by Blind Transfer Yes
Call Forward by Attended Transfer Yes
Call Forward by Semi-Attended Transfer Yes
Call Forward by Receiving REFER Yes
Call Hold Yes
Call Waiting Yes
Flash Hook No
Auto Answer Yes
Click To Dial/Hold/Answer Yes (BroadSoft)
Busy Lamp Field (Presence) Yes (BroadSoft/Asterisk)
Shared Call Yes (BroadSoft)
Call Park Yes (BroadSoft)
Ethernet Ports (Port-Link Speed) 2 - 10Mbps/100Mbps/1000Mbps
PoE Yes (IEEE802.3af)
IPv4 Yes
IPv6 Yes
SNTP-Simple Network Time Protocol Yes
RTCP-XR (RFC3611)/SIP Publish Yes
QoS Tos DSCP/802.1q/Q tagging (VLAN)
Audio Codec G.722/G.711a-law/G.711u-law/G.729a
CNG (Comfort Noise Generation) Yes
VAD (Voice Activity Detection) Yes
PLC (Packet Loss Concealment) Yes
AEC (Acoustic Echo Cancellation) Yes
Web Browser Configuration Yes
XML Configuration Yes
ReSet into Default Setting Yes
Provisioning TR-069/DHCP option/PRIORITY/Broadsoft Device Management
XML Application Yes
SD Card Slot No
USB Keyboard No
Bluetooth Headset (USB Dongle) No
Bluetooth Headset (Built-in) Yes
Expansion Module (DSS) Yes (KX-HDV20)
Expansion Module (DSS) Installation Up to 5 (KX-HDV20)
Expansion Module (DSS) Interface Special RJ11 (USB signal)
Network Camera Registration No
Network Camera Viewer No
Web Browser No
E-mail No
Calendar No
Gallery No
Music Player No
Alarm Clock No
Calculator No
Dimension (W x D x H mm) 195 x 190 x 209 (High position) 195 x 184 x 188 (Low position)
Weight 870 g