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Helps reduce development time of custom apps from months to weeks or days and effectively manages digital transformation projects

BRACKNELL, UK. 10th March 2020 – Panasonic today announced TOUGHBOOK Omnia, powered by MCL, a complete end-to-end mobile enterprise software solution for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK customers. The professional service helps businesses reduce time to market for custom line-of-business software applications and helps to effectively deliver digital transformation projects. It offers consultation, hardware, software, integration and support to deliver immediate visible productivity improvements across the mobile workforce.

“Managing software applications across multiple platforms and operating systems can be complex,” explains Jon Tucker, General Manager Solutions and Engineering for Panasonic TOUGHBOOK Europe. “Traditionally organisations manage a diverse range of mobile IT devices, form factors and operating systems, operating a very siloed approach. Ensuring everything is integrated and kept up to date across all hardware and software platforms can be costly and time-consuming.”

“TOUGHBOOK Omnia is a cost-effective, end-to-end software solution approach from Panasonic, that can future-proof and greatly speed-up custom application development and maintenance cycles for mobile business operations.”

Through the use of the MCL Platform, an industry leading development, interfacing and SaaS-based mobile lifecycle management environment for business mobility solutions, development and testing of custom software applications is reduced to days or weeks rather than months – much faster than using a traditional software house or internal development.

Business challenges where TOUGHBOOK Omnia can help include digital transitions from pen and paper to electronic data, adding voice control to applications, updating existing applications to run on new backend systems or the latest operating systems, where there is a requirement for highly customised applications and adapting applications to run on multiple form factors.

Working closely with the business customer, TOUGHBOOK Omnia provides customised support at each stage:

Omnia system developers understand the specific requirements, then provide advice and recommendations on how to improve daily operations and productivity through the design and development of custom software applications.

The process covers full project lifecycle development, connection with multiple backend systems and mobility best-practice. A proof of concept of the application is built in the MCL environment before delivery to ensure the solution meets the requirements.

The full mobile application is then built in MCL, offering complete customisation. The MCL Mobility Platform allows customers to benefit from leading features such as enhanced workflow with voice capability, I/O features that improve data capture accuracy across barcode, voice, digital signature, GPS, Smart cards, NFC, and RFID; multi-language capability; full integration with backend systems; user management; Kiosk Mode and App Desktop.

Once tested and approved, Panasonic supports the deployment of the new applications across the business and operating systems, to minimise downtime and improve the experience for end-users. MCL apps are OS/hardware agnostic, so once programmed they can run on multiple operating systems, enabling customers to change their OS in the future, if they wish, without application issues.

Once live, Panasonic continues to support the new mobility solution with a responsive support team to deliver bug fixes fast and carry out remote viewing and control of devices for troubleshooting. Availability of data and performance status can be accessed on a central dashboard with an optional Business Intelligence add-on. New functionality can be added to the application by working closely with the Omnia team to deliver updates to market quickly.


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