• 3MOS OEM Micro Camera Solution GP-US932

Panasonic 3MOS OEM Micro Camera Solution GP-US932

The CMOS GP-US932 OEM Micro Camera with up to 1080i Full HD

- Smallest 3MOS OEM Camera Head
- Amazing sensitivity & resolution
- Brilliant colour reproduction
- Multi format up to 1080p

The GP-US932 OEM micro camera includes an ultra-compact sized FULL HD 1080p 3MOS remote camera head and the CCU Control Unit.

3MOS OEM GP-US932 size

Thanks to the CMOS technology the Panasonic 3MOS OEM micro camera GP-US932 delivers HD quality with one of the smallest remote 3MOS OEM camera heads on the market. The 3MOS OEM micro camera system implies a 1/3-inch high resolution CMOS chip and a DSP, which enables the digital HD camera head to be very small in size. The 3MOS OEM camera system provides outstanding sharpness, impressively true colours and flicker-free image.

3MOS OEM GP-US932 technology

The Panasonic 3MOS OEM micro camera provides fully digitized signal with the capability to utilise a wide variety of functions such three pre-sets including the colour temperatures, 2.5x electronic zoom, 12-axis colour matrix and frequency-depending detail enhancement. Moreover, it is possible to use different cable lengths such as 4m, 6m, 10m.


3MOS OEM GP-US932 features

The Panasonic 3MOS OEM camera system features electronic shutter, gain control, scene file, white balance, image freezing, flip & mirror and dynamic range expansion. These can be activated to enhance the simultaneous display of light and dark objects.

GP-US932X video formats

The 3MOS OEM micro camera supports the video formats 1080p (through HDMI,), 1080i, 720P, 576P/480P and 576i/480i. The video out terminals provide digital HDMI, SDI as we as analogue RGB/YPbPr and Y/C. These video outs run simultaneously. By considering a required illumination of 2000lx (at F12 / Binning on mode), the camera achieves horizontal resolution of 1000 TV lines.