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Visitor attraction chooses Panasonic technology to deliver a truly immersive chocolate experience

Chocolate Nation’s decision to partner with Panasonic for technology at the immersive Belgium museum has delivered the sweet taste of success. Having already attracted over 100,000 visitors in the first nine months of opening, the Antwerp museum says its technology partnership with Panasonic has underpinned its rapid rise as a visitor attraction.

Chocolate Nation has deployed Panasonic equipment throughout the museum, shop, restaurant, event and meeting rooms. The technology provides a truly immersive experience for visitors and underpins the effective operation of the business. The range of solutions includes 20 professional display screens, 10 laser projectors, security cameras and the latest telephony solution.

From initial concept, the museum set-out to be an immersive experience for visitors to discover the wonders of Belgium chocolate using their five senses. Through 14 thematic areas, visitors are taken on a journey from the jungle where cocoa beans are grown, through their transportation across the ocean to Antwerp (the world’s largest port for cocoa bean storage), to the making of exquisite chocolate delights and, of course, lots of tasting.

“The immersive experience is where Panasonic plays an important role,” explains Catherine Stuyck, Head of Marketing and Communications at Chocolate Nation. “Thanks to the large projections on the ceiling, walls, and floor, visitors can really have the feeling they’re standing on a floating container ship. Using light and sound effects, visitors can pass in front of a large imaginary machine in true Willy Wonka fashion to understand how chocolate is made. Afterwards, visitors virtually meet the great Antwerp chocolate makers and are seated in an experimental restaurant where surprising images are projected onto their plates.”

More than three years in the planning, the Chocolate Nation founders knew that choosing the right technology partner for the brand-independent museum was going to be critical to creating the magical environment for visitors and a reliable and cost effective business infrastructure.

"After extensive market research, we chose Panasonic as our technology partner for Chocolate Nation," said Jeroen Jespers, Co-Founder of Chocolate Nation. “Panasonic had all the product categories we required and solid in-house expertise. The result is a visitor attraction of the highest quality and an outstanding experience. Obviously, it is only possible because of the absolute reliability of the technology provided by Panasonic. In addition, their flexible installation outside opening hours and the low maintenance equipment saves a lot of time. If we decide to expand our activities to other countries, we will quickly have a full on-site service with Panasonic, a global player in the sector.”

A variety of Panasonic LCD and DLP projectors, ranging from 32” to 65”, have been used in the museum to create the immersive tourist installations and to provide the quality audio visual experience in the event and meeting spaces. The highest levels of security with the lowest total cost of ownership are ensured with the effective use of Panasonic’s 360 degree and indoor dome cameras combined with Panasonic’s Video Insight system management solution. The extensive coverage from the 360 degree cameras reduced the number required across the venue and minimised the bandwidth impact on the network. For its unified communication system, Chocolate Nation chose Panasonic’s KX-NS700 Smart hybrid communication system. By using the Panasonic desktop phones, DECT handsets and intercoms as one integrated system, the guests are supported directly when needed. The size of the system ensures Chocolate Nation can expand its communications infrastructure quickly and efficiently as the organisation grows.

Click here to see a full video case study of the Panasonic deployment at Chocolate Nation.