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New Panasonic I-Pro Extreme Series means 24/7 colour night vision

Panasonic has expanded the i-Pro Extreme series with six new compact models which feature Infra-Red (IR) illumination, to provide accurate colour footage both day and night.

This makes the range suited to high end surveillance applications, where the reliability of evidence is paramount should incidents occur. The inbuilt colour night vision functionality improves the user’s ability to distinguish between shades of clothing and cars in extreme low light environments (minimum luminance required is 0.03 lux).

Infrared LEDs enhance visibility in zero lux environments, making it easy to identify images of people and their movements in monochrome.

Another benefit of the range is the visibility ensured by a wide angle lens with a 109 degrees horizontal and 73 degrees vertical field of view. A special corridor mode means integrators will be able to provide a 90 degrees by 270 degrees field of view to monitor locations that stretch in to the distance, such as corridors and retail aisles.

Ease of installation is assured due to the compact housing across the range, which makes each camera suited to discrete use in a range of environments such as small stores, on cash machines or in elevators.

As with the previous models within the series, the six new cameras are installed with iA (Intelligent Auto) which automatically shoots the optimum footage regardless of the environmental conditions. The cameras are installed with microphones, which enables audio recording, even outdoors.

“One of the key steps to mitigating risks in surveillance is ensuring visibility whatever the conditions,” said Gerard Figols, European Category Manager at Panasonic. “When we combine the infrared and colour night vision technology alongside Intelligent Auto we are arming businesses with the peace of mind that their property is being secured round the clock.”

The range includes indoor and outdoor versions in both 1080p and 720p as well as two models which conform to in-vehicle standards, suitable for surveillance inside trains and buses.

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