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Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
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Panasonic Security Academy

The freedom to be trained at your pace 

Extend and certify your security solutions experience 

As part of our Panasonic Partner Programme, we’re offering a training platform exclusively designed for security solutions professionals like yourself: resellers, system integrators, consultants and distributors. It involves different courses to help you reach different skill levels while you gain deeper knowledge of Panasonic Video Surveillance and Video Intercom products and gain special Panasonic certifications.

For end users of our technologies, this Panasonic training guarantees improved services and higher expertise in projects installation – and opens up more possibilities for you.

 For Security professionals, the training allows you to:

  • Offer improved customer services
  • Deepen your Panasonic product knowledge throughout your business
  • Stay updated for market-leading technologies
  • Gain Panasonic accreditation for Video Surveillance and Video Intercom
  • Establish a clear advantage over your competitors

Be free to expand your expertise at your own pace with the Panasonic Academy

Greater product knowledge is always a significant asset to your business. It’s the basis for more efficient, more accurate customer service, for creating opportunities to upsell and cross-sell, and for establishing a tangible advantage over your competition.

Now, thanks to the Panasonic B2B Partner Programme and the Panasonic Academy, you can embed that knowledge throughout your sales teams.

How the programme is structured

The programme offers several levels of accreditation:

The first level is conducted via online tutorials, delivered through the Academy portal. This e-learning platform gives you the freedom to learn at a pace that suits you. Simply login through the Panasonic B2B partner portal, complete the level online, then receive a digital certificate to confirm completion. Several different online training options are available, including a course about Video Intercom and a variety of online courses about Video Surveillance Basics. This first certification will give you access to the higher training levels.

The next levels – Expert and Advanced Expert face-to-face training – can be held in the Panasonic European headquarters training centre in Wiesbaden, Germany, or in other European locations. You’ll learn in small groups and benefit from the tuition of a recognised Panasonic specialist.

Expert level offers a line-up overview and detailed features and functions descriptions. On completion of these classes, you’ll receive Panasonic Expert certification and be able to follow further online Knowledge Improvement courses.

The Expert training will then entitle you to attend the Advanced Expert training. With this 2-day face-to-face training you will gain an even deeper product knowledge. During the hands-on session you’ll get an in-depth understanding of advanced functions and, as an Advanced Expert partner, you’ll have access to more online knowledge improvement courses and face-to-face specialist workshops.

It’s a step-by-step learning path, resulting in Panasonic certification that could help your business grow and your customer satisfaction levels increase.

Get more benefits in the Partner Programme

The Partner Programme is much more than an education in how to use Panasonic. Through your training accreditations you can improve your Partner grade, collect more qualified leads and receive recommendation on our Where to Buy page on the Panasonic Business website. Here, you’ll have the freedom to show your Panasonic expertise to a wider audience.

How to register

If you’re member of the Partner Programme, you have immediate access to the Academy.

If you’re new to the Partner Programme: