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Panasonic supports campus wide security solutions

Panasonic Business is set to attend the CriticalArc SafeZone EMEA Conference showcasing its range of security hardware and software for the higher education sector.

Held in Reading, England, the CriticalArc SafeZone EMEA conference aims to provide security insight for Universities facing the challenge of protecting thousands of students, at a time when budgets are increasingly constrained.

With an eye to addressing growing concerns on the implication of cyber-attacks in the education sector, Panasonic has partnered with CriticalArc to showcase  cost efficient security systems which mitigate the risks of crime and cyber breaches.

Panasonic’s secure communication platform was named the holistic security system of the year at IFSEC’s Security & Fire Excellence Awards 2018, for its package which mitigates IP surveillance attacks and protects against video tampering, altering, spoofing and snooping.

The operability of Secure Communication can be used with  Panasonic’s video management system, which facilitates up to 4,000 camera models from over 150 manufacturers over an open platform. Without no requirement for a yearly license fee when used with Panasonic cameras, the platform also ensures that Universities can obtain a lower total cost of ownership for their security systems.

In addition, Panasonic proprietary ClearSight coating technology prevents water droplets from covering the dome, reducing the maintenance and upkeep costs, provides a cost efficient solution to campus wide protection.

Karen Sangha, Field Marketing Manager of Security Solutions at Panasonic Business, said, “The importance of protecting Universities from cyber risk cannot be understated, which is why we were keen to partner with SafeZone to promote our cyber secure platform. From reliable hardware to secure software, we are able to provide a solution to campus wide security.”

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