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Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
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Security Technologies in Panasonic's Security Solutions

We constantly endeavour to ensure that our products are packed with the latest, most innovative technologies. As a Panasonic customer, it ensures that you get the maximum benefit from your security systems, and that each system operates safely in the background – giving you the freedom to focus on your business.

Today, besides pure security cameras, Panasonic also provide Secure Communication to mitigate the risk of a cyber attack everything our products gather. We’ve also developed smart sensors, for collecting data whilst maintaining security – all to provide more reliable systems that help both operators and business owners make  the best decisions in real time.

We are proud to offer you such technologies as:

  • iVMD and vehicle incident detection for automated video surveillance
  • Smart Coding and VIQS (Variable image quality on specified area) for lower operational costs through the reduction of file sizes
  • Auto back focus, intelligent Auto and our patented hydrophilic ClearSight coating for reduced installation and maintenance time
  • Dehumidification devices and anti-corrosion cameras for longevity in outdoor surroundings. Plus, hybrid image stabilizers for non-shaking pictures
  • True 4K resolution, providing sharp, high quality imagery that ensures that every detail is captured in real time
  • Face recognition systems, providing facial matches in real time. And business analytics for people-counting as well as age and gender recognition
  • Heatmapping for identification of high-traffic zones and customer length-of-stay
  • Cyber Security technology to keep security systems safe and secure from cyber attacks
  • People Masking to ensure GDPR-compliant privacy protection of customers and staff
  • iPro Extreme platform to unite all of these sophisticated features – for extreme performance under extreme conditions
    • Extreme Visibility
    • Extreme Compression
    • Extreme Data Security
    • Extreme Reliability
    • Extreme Analytics

Put simply, Panasonic is constantly developing technologies for a more secure world. One where people can live safely, and companies can develop their businesses, knowing safety and security is always there in the background.