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Phone number: +44 (0) 2070226530
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Panasonic Security Solutions 4K Resolution Systems

Panasonic 4K security frees you to capture more detail, without the constraints of extra storage and bandwidth.

Our 4K security cameras deliver what’s known as a True 4K image. This is because the whole camera – from sensor to lens via processing power – is designed for real 4K image production.

4K is ideal for outdoor applications, and Panasonic understands that outside, light is a critical factor for gathering high quality CCTV images (especially capturing high quality at the edge of picture). That’s why sensors on our high sensitivity cameras provide crisp and clear images in natural colour – even in challenging low light conditions.

Also for outdoor models, Panasonic’s ClearSight Coating technology allows crisp, clear images while reducing maintenance costs too. The coating prevents water droplets from covering the dome, ensuring the camera view remains unobstructed. In addition to this, the self-purification effect of hydrophilic materials can eliminate the collection of dirt and dust on the dome cover. ClearSight Coating can last up to 7 years, and for easier installation, we offer a touchable coating, too.

And for those customers concerned that 4K’s extra detail may demand extra bandwidth and storage costs too, there’s no need to worry. Our smart coding compression allows you to dramatically reduce data flow and therefore the cost of data storage – without having to save on the 4K picture quality.