• Distribution scheme for Security
    Distribution scheme for Security
  • Distribution scheme for Security
    Distribution scheme for Security

Distribution scheme for Security

The formation of the new PSNE company in 2010 results from a global merger of two previously separate divisions, Panasonic Communications Company and Panasonic System Solutions Company. This merge allows Panasonic to build and support comprehensive integrated solutions based on the complete range of products previously offered through the two separate companies.

The portfolio of new PSNE Company includes a broad range of products based on IP-networking, including Telephone Systems (Cordless DECT / SIP Terminals, PBX and Unified Communications Solutions), Security (Cameras and related equipment), Document (Multi-Function Products, particularly focused on the SME and SoHo market) and Imaging (Scanner and Digital Boards).

By bringing all these product areas together, Panasonic and its dealers will be well positioned to take maximum advantage of the convergence that is already happening in the IP space. Furthermore, the combined strength and R&D expertise of the previous companies, will enable PSNE to design and manufacture products that unify developments in audio, imaging, visual and data into IP solutions for the new networking age.


The new Panasonic Systems Networks Distributor (PSND) – Security channel figure aims to:

• Identify and verify key distribution partners or companies which are able to commit and maintain specific level of support to Panasonic’s IP CCVE Network range.

• PSND-Security companies should demonstrate their ability to design, support and sell integrated and networked security surveillance as well as coordinate with local Panasonic sales companies a required number of training courses during each quarter.

• PSND companies are also required to continuously replenish stock and provide a high level of pre and post sales service to their customers.


Criteria for PSND-Security Appointment
To qualify for appointment as ‘PSND-Security’, the Distributor partner must meet the criteria set out on the ‘PSND-Security – Agreement’ and following the appointment, must continue to meet the said criteria for as long as the agreement is in force.

The criteria to be met relates to:

• IP range stocking
• Certified Sales & Technical staff
• Pre-sales Support & After-sales Service
• Display and demonstration of products
• Support to local Panasonic events & promotional activities
• Monthly POS reporting