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  • Putting video at the heart of engagement

    How Panasonic is helping to transform the world of education and work with digital content sharing

Digital solutions for the hybrid world of working and learning

Digital solutions for the hybrid world of working and learning

In today’s world of working and learning everywhere and at any time, the availability of knowledge is critical. And as we move from the analogue work of paper-based content into an era of interactive audio/visual information, digitisation of knowledge is the overriding key to success.

To help educational and enterprise organisations meet these challenges, Panasonic and its video management software partners are introducing transformative technology that delivers content where it’s needed, when it’s needed and in the way it’s needed.


"85% of us are visual learners
We engage more with presentations that contain images,
video, graphs, charts and photos"


"90% of information that reaches the brain is visual
Visuals are processed 60,000 times faster than text"

How it works

Panasonic provides glass-to-glass technology, from camera to projector, meaning content capture and sharing is easier than ever before. It has the flexibility to integrate an IP-based platform with video capture, 4K projection, PTZ cameras with 4K/UHD capability, optional auto-tracking to focus on the presenter, interactive whiteboard technology and video management.

  • Record
    Once captured using our PTZ cameras and remote systems, including auto- and audio-tracking software, the content can be accessed from any laptop of mobile device to record your session.

  • Share
    Video and presentations are automatically uploaded and secured. They’re now fully searchable, with intelligent indexing, and can be streamed with flexible adaptive streaming. This ensures the best-quality playback of video and audio across any network conditions.

  • Analyse
    The fully searchable video database helps to secure and share knowledge, with real-time analytics allowing you to review engagement simultaneously.

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