Make life tough for thieves.

Make life tough for thieves

Absolute Software’s Computrace helps you protect your Toughbook and your data.

You might not realize it, but by purchasing Toughbooks for your business, you’ve purchased a laptop that’s not only protected against physical damage, but – potentially – against the consequences of theft. Since 2007, most models of Toughbooks have had Absolute Software’s Computrace asset management and theft-protection software embedded in the BIOS. While not enabled by default, Computrace’s Agent software can be activated just by purchasing a license.
What does it do? Well, every 24 hours an application agent installed on the operating system contacts the Absolute Monitoring Centre, giving you the tools to track where each Toughbook is, who’s using it, and what software has been installed. Report a Toughbook stolen, and the next time the thief connects to the Internet, the agent will begin reporting a stream of location and usage data to the monitoring centre at fifteen minute intervals. Using this data, Absolute’s Theft Recovery Team can gather evidence and work with the relevant law enforcement authorities to recover your computer. For pinpoint positioning, Computrace will also work with the Qualcomm Gobi mobile Internet and GPS solutions installed on current generation Toughbooks.

That’s not all. At a prompt, Computrace can remotely delete any data on the laptop, identify whether encrypted files have been compromised, and even disable the stolen computer. In areas where data security is a matter of legislation, such as in the public sector or the finance industry, these are essential features, and Computrace will issue an audit report to prove compliance. The agent application is difficult for thieves to detect – it runs as a service and isn’t listed as an application – and if the thief doesn’t hook up to the Internet themselves, you can instruct the Monitoring Centre to initiate a remote connection via SMS.

Of course, IT-literate criminals will try to fight this kind of protection, reinstalling the OS or reformatting or removing the hard drive. This is where the BIOS agent comes in. If the thief does any of the above, the BIOS agent can spot the change and restore the application agent to the OS. This gives Computrace the highest level of software-based threat recovery on the market. Computrace has already helped in the recovery of stolen laptops from companies and organizations across Europe, and helped put criminals behind bars: in one case, the recovery of a laptop led to the discovery of multiple stolen computers and over 200 mobile phones!
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