Toughbook notebooks at work: Volkswagen AG.

Toughbook notebooks at work: Volkswagen AG.

Supporting over 10,000 workshops across the globe


Based in Wolfsburg, Germany, Volkswagen AG needs no introduction: it’s the largest car manufacturer in Europe, and the second-largest in the world. Volkswagen takes its service commitments very seriously, and works with 12,000 partners worldwide to ensure that Volkswagen vehicles remain in perfect shape. These workshops use a standardized diagnostic system based on a range of USB-connected modules, and at the heart of these, in control and collecting all the data, you’ll find the Toughbook CF-52.

As the provider of an integrated diagnostics solution, Volkswagen needed a rugged, cost-effective, mobile PC that could be deployed worldwide. It also needed one that could survive in workshop conditions. You see, in the workshop, a notebook PC is just another tool, and one that will inevitable come into contact with oils, fuels and cleaning liquids. With its splash-resistant keyboard and touchpad, tough magnesium alloy casing and shock-proof hard drive, the Mil-Std 810F-compliant CF-52 is built to cope. A drop from 76cm onto concrete won’t phase this Toughbook, meaning Volkswagen’s mechanics can spend less time worrying about their laptops, and focus all their concentration on the job in hand. Meanwhile, built-in Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and optional 3G communications ensure that the Toughbook is ready to connect with systems in the workshop, the office and – in Volkswagen’s high-tech line – even the vehicle.

What’s more, these Toughbook notebooks also see action on the road. Volkswagen’s partners may have to check or service vehicles away from base, checking for defects which could later lead to additional repairs, and providing fixes there and then. Here the integrated handle, 3.4Kg weight and seven hour battery life come into play, ensuring that the mechanic can get to work wherever and whenever he needs to. “Feedback from our partners to the Panasonic Toughbook notebooks is overwhelmingly positive” says Volkswagen’s head of Workshop Equipment. “The mix of robustness and mobility is ideal."