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Fast forward to 2015 and the displays continue to be installed, after the retailer chose to upgrade the sales points with an additional display on the store frontage and another installed in the cashbox zone of each original store. The planned number of screens, connected to the central system, will exceed 470 this year. Sizes and technologies vary, with emphasis put into the customer functionality and design.

No risk solution  

The original network of 236 screens used Panasonic panels, and Panasonic was chosen for the subsequent roll outs as well. The most important parameters for the choice were picture quality and seamless operations. During more than two years in operation, only two of the 236 screens sustained damage resulting in the replacement of the panels. This meant that the effectiveness of the overall system reached 99.2%, including planned downtimes due to reconstruction or maintenance of stores.

"Geco rightfully demanded a stable and effective system, and we recommend tried and proven Panasonic technology. The Panasonic screens have helped us build the confidence of the client, which is the most important thing for us," said Ondřej Kreidl, CEO of Glance Media.

Unique architecture

The unique architecture of the GECO network enables the company to respond flexibly to new demands and trends. The solution gives the end user maximum flexibility in campaign planning, while minimising workload, which positively affects operational costs.

Every screen in the network can display different videos, and any changes can be realised within minutes if necessary. The number of campaigns is only limited by the business model of the operator, which takes 100% control over the system.

This is, of course, also true for the web application used by the operator to run the advertising campaigns. In 2014, the system generated 6,222 playlists a month in average. Year-on-year GECO saw the number of campaigns grow by 47% in the, the number of videos grow by 56% in and a 63% growth in the number of generated playlists.

Such growth wouldn't be possible if such demands increased the operational costs. From a service point of view, the most expensive process is usually diagnostics. To mitigate this, the system Glance Media has implemented includes automatic diagnostics functionality, based on the statistics of cause-and-effects chain. 



















Zdenek Krysl
Sales Manager Czech and Slovak Republic

Visual System Solutions
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When any change of status occurs, the system automatically reports not only the current result but also the most probable root cause, and the path of dependant causes. Therefore, the diagnostics staff member starts investigating the status with the most probable root cause.

The professional process management also makes it possible to link the processes of the operator and service organisation in an effective and responsible way.

Overall costs declined by 12% on a year-on-year basis, including a 70% decrease of service intervention costs.

“When we started projecting the systems, we had to say: 'We believe that…' Now we can proudly say we know! We're able to respond to the changing needs and requirements in a flexible way, and the system is developing continuously.

“We promised to ensure no increase in real operational costs during the whole lifetime of the system. We only promise what we can really deliver, and we take pride in delivering on our promises. Panasonic's technology helps us in this matter," added Ondřej Kreidl.