• Creating fields of ideas at Milan Expo 2015

Creating fields of ideas at Milan Expo 2015

<h2>Some of the longest queues at Milan Expo could&nbsp;be found at the German Pavilion. Entitled &lsquo;Field of Ideas&rsquo;, the pavilion used&nbsp;some of the latest projection techniques to create an interactive experience, appreciated by young and old.&nbsp;</h2><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:725px;"><tbody><tr><td style="border-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);"><p>Fields of Ideas was&nbsp;the realisation of the German Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy,&nbsp;Messe Frankfurt was entrusted with the organisation and running of the German Pavilion at Expo 2015 in Milan.</p><p>The design, planning and realisation of the German Pavilion were&nbsp;taken on by the ARGE, a consortium made up of Milla &amp; Partner (Stuttgart), Schmidhuber (Munich) and Nüssli Deutschland (Roth near Nuremberg). Milla &amp; Partner is responsible for the content concept as well as the design of the exhibition and media. Schmidhuber is responsible for the pavilion&#39;s spatial concept, its architecture and general planning and Nüssli for project management and construction.&nbsp;</p><p>At its peak, the pavilion welcomed&nbsp;16,000 people a day. Each visitor was&nbsp;given their own personal SeedBoard &ndash; an innovative and surprising tool that actively and playfully involves them. The SeedBoard serves as a screen for text, images, films and games. Visitors used it to initiate and navigate exhibits. &nbsp;</p><p>The content was projected&nbsp;using Panasonic&nbsp;PT-DZ570 1-chip DLP projectors, in combination with Optitrack sensor technology.</p><p>By placing the SeedBoard under one of the 19 stations, up to three visitors at a time had&nbsp;individualised content based on their language, which was&nbsp;dictated by a dot formation on the SeedBoard, and the position of the SeedBoard.</p></td><td style="border-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);"><img alt="" src="https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/sites/default/nfsfiles/vi... style="width: 275px; height: 373px;" /></td></tr></tbody></table><p>Lifting the SeedBoard moves the content forward. This was&nbsp;used most cleverly on a time line of the regeneration of the Lake of Constance, showing the efforts over the last 50 years to clean the water there.&nbsp;</p><p>With such a new concept it was important that visitors were given a short demonstration on how the technology works. To achieve this, the Pavilion ushered&nbsp;guests in to a pre-show area. Here, visitors met ambassadors for the first time and were introduced to the exhibition.</p><p>Using seven PT-RZ470 laser/LED projectors, visitors were given an explanation of how to use the SeedBoard. The projectors excellent brightness and 20,000 hours of maintenance free operation&nbsp;ensured that no maintenance was&nbsp;required across the six months that Expo was open.</p><p>The ambassadors greet the visitors and together they communicated the message, which was&nbsp;also the exhibition motto: &ldquo;Be active!&rdquo;</p><table border="0" cellpadding="0" cellspacing="0" style="width:725px;"><tbody><tr><td style="border-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);"><p>An example of the &lsquo;active&rsquo; nature of the Pavilion was a pair of umbrellas, linked to a single PT-DZ680 1-chip DLP&trade; projector, with 6,000 lumens of brightness. When visitors opened the umbrellas, content was&nbsp;delivered to the centre of the umbrella, so that it can be read from underneath.</p><p>Again, this used&nbsp;Optitrack sensor technology. Brightness plays a huge role here as the umbrellas were placed in an area with significant levels of daylight. The projector displayed&nbsp;the content perfectly, while turning the umbrella clockwise moved&nbsp;the content forward.</p><p>Finally,&nbsp;two further PT-DZ570 projectors were placed in two helmet shaped domes. Visitors are encouraged to step in to the domes and waving their hands in front of the projection brought&nbsp;interactivity to the content.</p><p>Eva Reinsch, Project Manager at Milla &amp; Partner, said, &ldquo;The projectors were&nbsp;a very important part of the project. We have very little time outside of opening hours to perform maintenance, so having the excellent reliability of the Panasonic projectors is very important.&rdquo;&nbsp;</p><p>&ldquo;The pre-show area set up the rest of the Pavilion, so we needed to create the right impression. The use of low &ndash;energy LED/Laser hybrid projector technology here, not only ensures excellent picture quality, but also fitted&nbsp;with the sustainability themes of the Pavilion and wider Expo.&rdquo;</p></td><td style="border-color: rgb(246, 246, 246);"><img alt="" src="https://business.panasonic.co.uk/visual-system/sites/default/nfsfiles/vi... style="width: 275px; height: 373px;" /></td></tr></tbody></table><p>At Expo 2015, Germany presented&nbsp;itself as a vibrant&nbsp;and fertile landscape, filled with ideas and solutions. It depicted&nbsp;agriculture as a strong, modern sector as well as an intrinsic aspect of its unique cultural landscape.&nbsp;</p><p>Marion Conrady, Press Officer at the German Pavilion, said, &ldquo;We&nbsp;stayed faithful to the main themes of Expo &ldquo;Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life&rdquo;. Germany can be a leader in the development of sustainable solutions for the future. We&nbsp;showcased&nbsp;some innovative ideas at the Pavilion and by including the interactive elements we encouraged&nbsp;people to not only &lsquo;Be&nbsp;active!&rsquo; at the Pavilion&nbsp;with the SeedBoards, but also when they got home.&rdquo;</p><p>&ldquo;At times, visitors faced&nbsp;a significant wait to get in to the Pavilion. If, once inside, they found exhibits that didn&rsquo;t work or weren&rsquo;t engaging, that would be a huge disappointment. Milla &amp;&nbsp;Partner delivered a great mix of fun and education. We are delighted by the response we got from&nbsp;visitors throughout the Expo,&rdquo; added Marion Conrady.</p><p>&nbsp;</p><p style="text-align: center;"><iframe allowfullscreen="" frameborder="0" height="407" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/H1OiUO9_DZk" width="725"></iframe></p>