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Bright, compact and easy to use projector with low TCO
Designed for education and corporate environments. LCD, 3 100 lumens, XGA projector.
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Key Features

LCD, 3100 lumens, XGA

Lamp and filter replacement cycle of up to 10 000 hours (Reduced TCO)

Quiet 28 dB operation for distraction-free projection

16 000:1 contrast ratio
  PL-LW373 PT-LW333 PT-LB423 PT-LB383 PT-LB353 PT-LB303
Brightness 3.600 lumens 3.100 lumens 4.100 lumens 3.800 lumens 3.500 lumens 3.100 lumens
Contrast Ratio 16.000:1 16.000:1 16.000:1 16.000:1 16.000:1 16.000:1


Variety of Useful Features

Ease Wireless Projection by Optional Modul

Simply inserting the optional ET-WML100 Wireless Module into the USB port on the projector enables easy wireless projection from Windows PCs, iOS devices, or Android devices on which the proper freeware is installed.

Presenter Light Ver.1.0 for Windows® PCs

Pictures, videos, and any documents including PDF files/Power Point files, whatever are displayed on the PC screen can be projected.

The images from up to four PCs can be projected simultaneously.

VueMagic™ Pro* for iOS/Android Devices

Pictures, some documents including PDF files can be projected.

Live camera mode / Annotate mode can be used.

The images from up to four devices can be projected simultaneously.

* VueMagic™ Pro is a product of Pixelworks, Inc. For detailed information, refer to the following website .

Memory Viewer Function

In addition to JPEG/BMP image and text files, PDF files can be projected by simply inserting a USB memory device containing the data into the USB memory port. Now you can start your presentation without having to connect to a computer.

USB Display Function for Easy Projection Using a USB Cable

USB Display outputs images and sounds from the computer without the need to install any software.
Simply connect* to the USB port with a single USB cable and start your presentation.

* The first time a USB cable is connected, a USB driver must be installed.

Equipped with an HDMI Input Terminal and Abundant Interfaces

Extensive interfaces include an HDMI input terminal, 2 sets of computer (RGB) input terminals, a monitor (RGB) output terminal,
a wired LAN terminal, and a serial (RS-232C) terminal for external control.
These features support a wide range of system architectures for portable or ceiling-mounted use.

A Wide Variety of Functions for Easy Setup

Auto Input Signal Search

The Auto Input Signal Search function automatically detects the input signal and selects the input channel based on the signal.
This function lets you start a presentation without any complicated setup required.

Real-Time Keystone Correction

With Real-Time Keystone Correction, the projector automatically senses if you adjust its angle (in the vertical direction) during operation and instantly makes whatever keystone correction is necessary for optimal viewing.

Color-board and Blackboard (Green) modes

Color-board and Blackboard (Green) modes adjust the colors to provide
high-quality projection possible in rooms that don’t have a screen.

10-Watt Speaker Enables Audio Playback Directly from the Projector

These portable projectors feature high-output 10-watt speaker that produces a high sound volume without requiring external speakers.

Other Features

  • Direct Power Off right after use
  • Projector identification system for remote control allocation of up to six projectors
  • Built-in closed caption decoder.

Excellent Performance in a Compact Body

High Brightness and High Contrast  in a Lightweight Body

A brightness level ranging from 3,100 lm* to 4,100 lm* and contrast ratio of 16,000:1 have been achieved in a compact lightweight body. Clear and bright images enhance the learning and working experience.

* Brightness ratings for models in the PT-LB423 Series are as follows:  PT-LB423 (4,100 lm), PT-LB383 (3,800 lm), PT-LB353 (3,300 lm), PT-LW373 (3,600 lm), and PT-LW333 (3,100 lm), PT-LB303 (3,100 lm)

A Maximum 10,000-hour *1  Lamp Replacement Cycle and 10,000-hour *2 Air Filter Replacement Cycle

The PT-LB423 Series has a maximum lamp replacement cycle of 10,000 hours.*1 The air filter also has a replacement cycle of 10,000 hours.*2 This reduces maintenance hassles for long periods of use, and helps to lower maintenance costs and reduce environmental impact.

*1 This is the maximum value when the lamp power is set to Eco2. The usage environment affects the lamp replacement cycle. *2 The usage environment affects the duration of the filter.

Daylight View Lite

The Daylight View Lite function can be activated from the remote control for easy and comfortable viewing during presentations and lectures in a bright room.

Quiet 28-dB* Design Helps to Hold Viewers´Attention

The noise level is as low as 28 dB*. This helps your audience to keep their attention on the discussion or on the screen images during quiet scenes.

* Lamp control: Eco2

Ease of Installation

Corner Keystone Correction Enables Angeld Projection

All you need to do is designate for points as the corner of the projected image, and this function easily carries out horizontal and vertical keystone correction.

Easy Remote Monitoring and Control over a LAN

Web browser on a computer connected through a wired LAN system lets you remotely operate projectors and check their status.In addition, Multi Monitoring and Control Software is available for monitoring and controlling multiple Panasonic projectors from a single PC.The wired LAN terminal is compatible with PJLink™ (class1), an open protocol that is used by many manufacturers, to enable integrated control of systems that contain different brands of projectors.

1.2x Zoom Lens Allows Flexible Installation

The PT-LB423 Series includes a 1.2x zoom lens to support a wide range of projection throw-distances. This is useful when presenting in rooms of different sizes.

Easy Lamp and Air Filter Replacement Simplifies Maintenance

For easier maintenance, you can replace the lamp from the top and the air filter from the side, even after the projector is installed on the ceiling. This eliminates the need to detach the projector from its mounting bracket in ceiling-mounted applications.

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  • PT-LB423 Series Catalog PDF (English)
    Catalog PDF: LB423/LB383/LB353/LW373/LW333/LB303 (English)
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  • PT-LB423 Series Catalog PDF (English)
    PT-LB423 Series Catalog PDF (English)
    Catalog PDF: LB423/LB383/LB353/LW373/LW333/LB303 (English)
    Tue, 23/10/2018 - 17:18
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  • PT-LB423 Series Operating Instructions [Taiwan] (English)
    PT-LB423 Series Operating Instructions [Taiwan] (English)
    Operating Instructions: LB423/LB383/LB353/LW373/LW333/LB303  [Taiwan] (English)
    Tue, 04/09/2018 - 13:10
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Please see below the services available for this product. You can also use this section to access the general Service & Downloads area of the website or contact our Technical Support team.

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Please see below the services available for this product. You can also use this section to access the general Service & Downloads area of the website or contact our Technical Support team.

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Power Supply AC100-240 V 50 Hz/60 Hz
Power Consumption 300 W 6W when Standby mode set to Normal, 0.5W when Standby mode set to Eco
LCD Panel | Panel Size 16.0 mm (0.63 inches) diagonal (4:3 aspect ratio)
LCD Panel | Display Method Transparent LCD panel (x 3, R/G/B)
LCD Panel | Drive Method Active matrix method
LCD Panel | Pixels 786,432 (1,024 x 768) x 3, total of 2,359,296 pixels
LCD Panel | Pixel Configuration Stripe
Lens Manual zoom (1.2x), manual focus F 2.1- 2.25, f 19.11- 22.94 mm
Throw Ratio 1.47- 1.77:1
Lamp 230 W UHM lamp
Screen Size 0.76 -7.62 m (30-300 inches) diagonally, 4:3 aspect ratio
Colors Full color (16,777,216 colors)
Brightness*1 3,100 lumens (lamp power: normal)
Center-to-Corner Uniformity*1 80%
Contrast*1 16,000:1 (full on/full off, Iris ON)
Resolution 1,024 x 768 pixels (Input signals that exceed this resolution will be converted to 1,024 x 768 pixels.)
Optical Axis Shift 6:1 (fixed)
Keystone Correction Range Vertical: ±30° Ceiling/floor, front
Installation Ceiling/floor, front/rear (menu selection)
Built-in Speaker | Output Power 2 W (monaural)
Terminals | HDMI In HDMI 19-pin x 1, HDCP and Deep color compatible 480i (525i)*2, 576i (625i)*2, 480p (525p), 576p (625p), 720 (750)/60p, 720 (750)/50p, 1080 (1125)/60i, 1080 (1125)/50i, 1080 (1125)/25p, 1080 (1125)/24p, 1080 (1125)/24sF, 1080 (1125)/30p, 1080 (1125)/60p, 1080 (1125)/50p, VGA (640 x 480) - WUXGA*3 (1,920 x 1,200), Audio signal: linear PCM (sampling frequencies: 48 kHz, 44.1 kHz, 32 kHz)
Terminals | Computer (RGB) 1 In D-sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1
Terminals | Computer (RGB) 1 In | R, G, B R, G, B: 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms; HD/VD, SYNC: high impedance, TTL (positive/negative automatic)
Terminals | Computer (RGB) 1 In | Y, PB (CB), PR (CR) Y: 1.0 Vp-p (including sync signal), 75 ohms PB (CB), PR (CR): 0.7 Vp-p, 75 ohms
Terminals | Computer (RGB) 1 In | S-Video Y: 1.0 Vp-p; C: 0.286 Vp-p, 75 ohms NOTE: D-Sub -S video conversion cable (ET-ADSV) is required.
Terminals | Monitor Out D-sub HD 15-pin (female) x 1
Terminals | Video In Pin jack x 1, 1.0 Vp-p, 75 ohms
Terminals | Audio In 1 M3 (L, R) x 1, 0.5 Vrms
Terminals | Audio In 2 Pin jack x 2 (L, R x 1), 0.5 Vrms
Terminals | Audio Out M3 (L, R) x 1 (monitor out: 0- 2.0 Vrms, variable)
Terminals | Serial In D-sub 9-pin (female) x 1, for external control (RS-232C compliant)
Power Cord Length 1.8 m (5 ft 11 in)
Cabinet Materials Molded plastic
Dimensions (W x H x D) 335 x 96* 4 x 252 mm (13-3/16 x 3-25/32*4 x 9-29/32 inches)
Weight*5 Approx. 2.8 kg (6.2 lbs)
Operation Noise*3 37 dB (Lamp power: Normal), 33 dB (Lamp power: Eco1) 28 dB (Lamp power: Eco2)
Operating Temperature 5°C-40°C (41°F-104°F) [at less than 1,400 m (4,593 ft.) ;[High land]:[off] 5°C-35°C (41°F-95°F) [at 1,400 m to 2,700 m (4,593 ft. to 8,858 ft.);[High land]:[on1] 5°C-30°C (41°F-86°F) [at 2,700 m to 3,000 m (8,858 ft. to 9,843 ft.);[High land]:[on2]
Operating Humidity 20%-80% (no condensation)
Storage Temperature -20°C-60°C
Storage Humidity 10%-80%
Note *1 Measurement, measuring conditions, and method of notation all comply with ISO 21118 international standards. *2 Only compatible with dot clock frequency of 27MHz (pixel repetition signal) *3 WUXGA resolution is supported only when the signals are compliant with VESA CVT-RB (Coordinated Video Timing-Reduced Blanking). *4 With legs at shortest position. *5 Average value. May differ depending on models. *6 Operation range differs depending on environments.
Brightness 3100 lumens
Technology LCD,