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Visual Systems Whitepapers

We’re constantly working in partnership with renowned institutes and industry experts to generate insight into current and futureVisual technologies. Based on direct customer contact and in-depth analysis of the market, our research is an ideal source of information when you’re making your visual solutions purchasing decisions.

You’ll find all of our reports and research below.

  • Risk group information for laser based projectors

    Read about Panasonic laser projectors risk group classification and about the installation conditions to prevent any risk of light exposure.

    The potential hazard of using laser-based projectors with diffused light is equivalent to that of a conventional projector using a lamp light source. However, international safety standards specifically suitable for laser projectors have now been developed. It’s necessary for the user to understand the potential hazards of light exposure - but by setting installation conditions as described in attached whitepaper, it is possible to avoid the risk of light exposure.

  • Projection Mapping Whitepaper

    Demand for projection mapping is growing. Over the past three years, both the number of projects and the revenue they have generated have grown, driven by the need of a broad range of organisations to respond to the growing sophistication of increasingly blasé, tech-saturated consumers. Projection mapping is a market enabled by a combination of the growing capability of projectors and the availability of cutting edge tools to enable the imaginations of creative designers to express themselves almost without restriction. 

  • Long-Lasting Reliability and High Picture Quality with combined LED/Laser technology projection

    LED/Laser technology projectors provide both solid reliability and long lasting brightness unprecedented by conventional lamp-based projectors. 
    ROI Team analysed the market with the target to benchmark the performance of LED/ Laser projectors against conventional lamp lit models.

  • Full Laser Light Source Projectors

    The latest generation of laser-light projectors delivers much enhanced brightness, making laser projection a reality for the largest halls in museums, galleries and education settings. The technology also enters the Rental & Staging sector with sufficient power for live public-facing performance in almost any indoor setting. ROI team’s evaluation has highlighted important operational and commercial gains for the three sectors.
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