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The Next Level of Museum Experiences

The Next Level of Museum Experiences

Traditional museums can modernise by using AV technology to bring history to life to deliver highly engaging and satisfying visitor experiences. Ancient worlds can be vividly reimagined and masterpieces seen as never before using projection to create immersive experiences. These new opportunities to explore history, the arts and culture are transforming the museum experience for a new digital generation that has grown up with technology and expects its effective use in all aspects of their lives.

Turn your Museum into a venue to attract the latest generation of Digital Natives.

Brunello Case Study

Four reasons why Panasonic is your premier technology partner

Designed to meet all needs


Whether it's creating an immersive experience for your main attraction or adding interest with digital signage, Panasonic has the right projector technology (3-Chip DLP/1-Chip DLP/3-LCD), with brightness levels up to 50,000 lumens, to match your budget and ambitions.

Museum installation with projectors
Color reproduction in the Velaquez tech museum

Best in class colour reproduction


Immersive experiences need to look as life-like as possible and Panasonic’s focus on the most intense and realistic colours across its range of projector technologies, ensures audiences see exhibits as they were meant to be seen – without ever compromising on the reliability of the devices. Our 4K solutions show the finest levels of detail, without any visible pixels, for the most realistic and natural impressions.

Lenses for every situation


Many of our most valued museums were never built with immersive experiences in mind. Panasonic has an incredibly wide range of specialist lenses, such as short throw, to enable the best possible viewing experience in any size or shape of room, with low ceilings or high. Using these types of lens, visitors are able to get up close to the content without ever casting a shadow – ensuring the technology never distracts from the immersive experience.

Panasonic projector with lenses
Reliable and maintenance-free operation for Panasonic projectors

Reliable and maintenance-free


All our projectors come with a standard 3-year warranty or a guarantee of 20,000 hours​ of non-maintenance operation in normal mode – whichever comes first. We also understand that downtime isn’t an option, so all our laser projectors are designed to avoid a black out. Multi drive laser light sources ensure, the projector can still operate and the fail-safe input system​ ensures a switch to a back-up without loss of image.

Panasonic in Action: Success Stories

National Museum in Prague

National Museum Prague

Panasonic helped create a spectacular exhibit called Moments of History using short throw lenses in the narrow 112m underground corridor of the museum.

The Museum of John Paull II in Warsaw invites to en extaordinary experience

The Museum of John Paul II

Museum of John Paul II. and Primate of Wyszyński, Mt 5,14 pays tribute to two prominent Polish Catholic leaders. 24  Panasonic laser projectors provide visitors with a unique experience.

El Velaquez Tech Museum

The Velazquez Museum

The art of Spanish painter has been brought to life in a stunning 360 degree immersive experience.

The Omega museum tells the story of the watch brand in a varied and interactive way

Omega Museum

The museum tells the story of the watch brand in a varied and interactive way. With the help of Panasonic projectors the 360° and 180° cinemas have been installed and exhibition areas have been brought to life with Panasonic displays.

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